Spotify Challenges Apple’s 27% Commission: Can Smaller Apps Join the Tune?

Spotify said that the tech giant would “do anything to protect its profits.”

Apple has changed its rules so that app developers can sell their products in places other than Apple Stores, but there is a fee for this.

They would have to pay a 27% commission.

The BBC Reported

Because of a long-running legal battle with Epic Games, the company put the fees in place in the US. The court agreed with Apple on some points, but Apple lost when it said app developers couldn’t tell users about other ways to pay, like links that go through Apple’s own App Store payment system.

Apple fees the biggest developers 30% to use this system. Other developers pay about 15%, and 85% of developers don’t pay anything. As a result of the verdict, Apple has put in place new rules in the US that let users subscribe to services without using its system in exchange for a fee that could reach 27% for developers.

The company filed papers with the court saying that the commission fee was in line with the judge’s decision and that Apple’s services help App Store developers.

Spotify is very angry about the new rule, saying it “flies in the face” of the US court’s attempt to make the market more competitive. It said that Apple’s action was “outrageous” and said that the tech giant would do anything to help its bottom line.

Spotify also asked the government of the UK to step in and stop Apple from putting similar fees in place there.

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