GTA Online: How to Unlock Gooch Outfit

We’re excited to share a simple way to get the much-talked-about Gooch outfit in GTA Online in this guide. In free roam mode last year, players could find the Gooch and steal his mask. Rockstar has taken it a step further this year by selling the whole outfit.

How to Get The Gooch Outfit in GTA Online

There are 6 very easy steps to get a Gooch Outfit. Follow these simple steps: 


Start Game Session

How to Unlock Gooch Outfit
How to Unlock Gooch Outfit

You must be in a session with at least two other players and play for at least 48 minutes before the Gooch shows up.


Players Count

Two other players mean at least two players should be in that session. The Gooch will never spawn if you are playing alone.


On Your Foot

GTA Online: How to Unlock Gooch Outfit

The Gooch will only attack walking people, so make sure you’re on foot. You can’t go to the meeting because you’re in a car.


Cash in Hand

GTA Online: How to Unlock Gooch Outfit

You should have some money on you. This is very important because the Gooch will steal it during the fight.


Wait for The Gooch

How to Unlock Gooch Outfit

Once you’ve done all of those things, wait for the Gooch to come after you. He’ll hit you, take your money, and run away when he does.


Defeat The Gooch

GTA Online: How to Unlock Gooch Outfit

If you beat him, he’ll drop the highly sought-after Gooch outfit as a special gift.


There’s some doubt about whether you’ll get the mask first if you still need to get it. That being said, what you’ll get is what makes it exciting.

Remember that the Gooch can only attack you if you are not in a car.

That’s all there is to our guide on how to get the Gooch Outfit in GTA Online. Get ready, watch out for people on the ground, and good luck in GTA Online getting this outfit!

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