Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: 7 Years of Android Updates Confirmed

The way OEMs handle Android updates changed when Google said that Pixel 8 series devices would get seven years of updates to the Android OS. It only took Samsung a few months to join the group and offer seven years of Android OS updates for the Galaxy S24. Starting with the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung will support the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra for almost 7 years.

Samsung used to be one of the few phone companies that gave S- and A-series phones OS updates for 4 years and security updates for 5 years. But Google stepped it up with the Pixel 8 series in 2023 and said it would support the new phones for seven years.

Samsung’s announcement for Galaxy S24 Series to get updates for 7 years

Once more, Samsung has matched Google’s promise and said that starting with the Galaxy S24 line, the South Korean giant company will provide long-term updates for up to seven years. In the blog post, it says:

The latest flagship continues Samsung’s commitment to extending the product lifecycle, offering seven generations of OS upgrades and seven years of security updates to help users reliably experience the optimized performance of their Galaxy devices for even longer.”

Samsung Blog Post – Read here full post

When the Galaxy S24 line launched, it had OneUI 6.1, which was based on Android 14. This meant that these phones would get updates until Android 21. That’s a brave move by Samsung, and it makes them even stronger as the world’s leading manufacturer of Android smartphones. At this point, flagship smartphones are pretty powerful, and they can definitely handle long updates.

Major Upgrades to the Linux Kernel by Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

There will no longer be long-term support for the Linux kernel after two years instead of six. This means that OEMs would have a harder time supporting devices for longer periods of time. But Google just recently decided to change all of its Pixel phones with Tensor technology to use the Linux kernel version 6.1 instead of 5.1. It looks like Samsung will do what Google did and update the kernels of all of its top-of-the-line phones as well.

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