PTI Swings Back: Challenges Supreme Court on Election Symbol Ban

Islamabad: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) asked the Supreme Court on Tuesday to overturn its decision from January 13 about its election symbol.

Gohar Ali Khan, Chairman of the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf), asked for a review through Hamid Khan, an attorney, in line with Article 188 of the Constitution.

He also asked the court to say that the ECP order had no legal basis, was illegal, and could be thrown out so that the PHC decision could stand.

When members of the same party disagree about an election, Gohar said, it was established law that the only way to settle the issue was through a proper trial in a court of law. The ECP wasn’t a court, so it couldn’t judge this case or hold a trial. It also didn’t do either.

He also said that it was required by Article 10A, which said that any civil dispute had to be settled by a court through a fair trial.

“The judgment under review violates the fundamental right to a fair trial,” the PTI said, adding that Article 25 of the Constitution does not allow discrimination. However, the ECP was harsh on the PTI while being gentle on the ANP.

The PTI said, “Even though ANP didn’t hold intra-party elections, the ECP gave it the symbol and only fined it.”

PTI Swings Back: Challenges Supreme Court on Election Symbol Ban

They said that in the history of Pakistan and its 175 political parties, the ECP had never looked into intra-party elections for any reason and never refused a symbol because of that reason.

It said that the new judgment didn’t address this clear discrimination because it was already on record.

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